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Montessori students are not given homework in the traditional sense, but they are encouraged to be productive at home as well as in school.  They will not be assigned specific lessons to complete at home on a regular basis, but will be expected to complete some self-directed learning experiences and share those results with directors and friends at school.

Each month, students will be assigned dates to bring the results of the month's work to school.  They may choose to share the project with peers at a special "circle time", place the finished project on display in the classroom or explain it privately, to a director only, if that is preferred.

The following ideas have been utilized by students in previous years.  Very often, the biggest step is getting started, so these suggestions are listed to inspire creativity in the selection of a home project. Parents are encouraged to offer any assistance needed in completing the projects.

Downloading information from the internet and simply reading it aloud to the group is not what we have in mind!  We want these projects to be fun and educational.


stamp collection                        report on animal                        pressed leaves or flowers


an autobiography                         cooking project                        handmade cook book


original poetry                        scrapbook on sports                     report on current event


poster about scouts              science experiment                        model of a famous building


“All About Me Box”                origami demonstration                 playing a musical instrument


original art work                        dramatic reading                        art with pressed leaves


video-taped interview with an expert                                        model and report on a planet


book report in character costume                                             report on ancient civilization


memorizing and illustrating a poem                                       poster and report on dirt bikes


book report-autobiography, fiction,                                        presenting a historical figure in

non-fiction, or poetry                                                                costume

Research has been unable to prove that homework improves student performance.  Rather, we ask that you spend your evenings doing things that are proven to correlate with student success.  Eat dinner as a family, talk, readtogether, play outside, and get your child to bed at a reasonable time.

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