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Parents in the Classroom


Parental involvment both in and out of the classroom in critical for a child's success.  We encourage and invite parents or grandparents to volunteer in our classrooms with reading and other special areas.  

We ask that our parent volunteers attend a short training session before joining in the classroom. Please call or email us to find out when the next training is available.

MSF Family Login Page

Existing school families can log in here for downloadable documents, school directories, schedules, and more.



Special Event Fundraising



Place your order at the office.


Remember, it’s a win-win - the purchaser receives the full value of the gift cards which can be used for anything Lowes Foods sells - food, drinks, other gift cards, even gas at Lowes or Hess, and Lowes pays the school a percentage. Some people purchase $10, some purchase thousands at a time - and you can choose whatever denomination suits you.






Passive Fundraising

Earn EASY Money All Year Long!


Lowes Foods

Link your Lowes Foods reward card to MSF and MSF receives a % of purchases of private label items (Lowes Foods brands, Full Circle Organic, Better Valu, plus others – see eligible brands here:


Link your card to MSF through this website (must re-link every school year): then select “Enroll in Cart To Class”.





Amazon Smile

Link your Amazon account to MSF and MSF receives a % of Amazon purchases.


Link to MSF through this website: Go to Your Account at the top of the page, then select Change Your Charity. Select "Sea Level Montessori" which is how MSF is registered.






Wellness Policy

Sometimes it's hard to know when your child is too sick to make it to school. Please use the following links to prevent illness, and know when your child should stay home.


Click here to read about how to prevent common illnesses.


Click here to evaluate if your child's symptoms will exclude him or her from attending school.

Inclement Weather Policy

Montessori at Sandy Ford does not follow any city or county weather cancellation policy. Typically, inclement weather cancellations will be made by 7:00 AM on the day of. We will send an email to parents with delays/cancellations due to inclement weather. In addition, we send a text message to families who have signed up through "Remind."  You may also
check the school phone outgoing message after 7am.

Of course, we always encourage families to use their best judgement in all travel conditions.

"Nature revels in diversity. Just as no two human faces are alike, so each mind is a special creation and builds up a unique system of knowledge... Each has its own special capacities,its own method of organizing its experience, its own flashes of illumination."

-from Maria Montessori,
Her Life and Work, by  E.M.Standing 


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